Interview tips


Find out what we’re looking for, and how you can get the most out of your Atlanta interview.

Preparation is key for any interview. We want you to do your best when you interview with us, so here are some tips.


Know your history

It’s really easy to forget your own achievements throughout your career, so take a moment to look over your CV. What are the highlights? What have you learned, and how have you moved forward?

It might not just be your work history that counts - are you involved in voluntary things? Do you have side hustles that contribute to your experience? We want to hear about these too, as part of getting to know you.

Use examples

Think about some real life examples you can give us about when you’ve demonstrated some of the key skills your chosen role requires, or some of the values that are important to Atlanta. Use the STAR model to describe them:

Situation: Describe the situation

Task: Explain the task and the goal

Action: Describe what action you took to achieve the goal

Result: Explain the results and their impact.

Be ready to think on your feet

Our interviews are experience and competency-based. That means we’ll ask questions not just about your experience, but about general workplace scenarios and how you might deal with them.



It’s always good to understand details about the job you’re going for, and the organisation it’s with. We want to know that you know something about us, and that you cared enough to find out.


Ask questions

You’re interviewing us as much as we’re interviewing you. The whole idea is to find out if we’re the right fit for each other, and if Atlanta is the place for you to develop your career. Think about what you want to know from us, and be ready to ask.


Be yourself and take your time

Give yourself enough time to prepare before the interview, and don’t be afraid to consider your answers during the interview. We’re genuinely interested in getting to know YOU, and we really want you to do well.