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Further to the below announcement, the Atlanta Group and Markerstudy merger has now completed. Read more at Ardonagh.com.

Atlanta Group reaches milestone in latest chapter of our growth story

In what is set to be a transformational deal, Atlanta will be joining forces with Markerstudy to create a major new player that will deliver an enhanced proposition for millions of new and existing customers.

Leading in Tech & Singing Harmonies with Tara Walker

Singing Harmonies with Tara Walker


In celebration of International Women's Month, our March 'People of Atlanta' features Tara Walker, Change & Technology Director at Atlanta Group. Tara shares her insights on being a female leader in technology, alongside her intriguing hobby outside of work.

Do you feel attitudes are changing? Are you seeing more women in senior STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) roles?

I think attitudes are changing and it's great to see that more women are both entering STEM professions, and rising up and into leadership roles. However, I do think in technology specifically, there is a long way to go to achieve parity.

In your opinion, what unique strengths do women bring to leadership roles?

I think because of where women came from in history, they simply added leadership to their already full armoury of skills. Nothing has fallen off their plate. They are excellent dot joiners, multitaskers and empathetical leaders.

Can you share a success story or accomplishment from your career that you are particularly proud of?

I'm just super proud of reaching a position where I have the opportunity to have a wider impact. I'm proud that I've been part of a community that has challenged the norm and hopefully inched things forward a little bit. If I can achieve anything, I'd like to have paved a path for others.

How have you seen the landscape for women in leadership evolve during your career?

I was very lucky in my early career to see some great women in leadership roles in big tech companies. I think what we're seeing is others catching up... I am also super conscious that some great men have really helped me and created a safe space for women.

If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self starting out in leadership, what would it be?
To believe in myself. To not internalise other people's doubt and that it will all work out!


Tara Walker singing group


What's a hobby or interest you're passionate about outside of your work at Atlanta?
I sing in a vintage three part harmony group, like The Andrews Sisters... just not as good!


Tara Walker


Can you share a bit about how you discovered or developed this hobby?

I had a much older dad and we used to listen to wartime music when I was little. I really loved the harmonies. As I got older I needed a way to make some extra money when I was studying at university, so joined a singing group!


Tara Walker


Are there any specific achievements or milestones related to your singing that you're proud of?

We do a lot of events commemorating Second World War events, like D-Day. I’m proud to be part of anything that keeps the memory alive. We also do charity work and contribute our time to entertaining people in care homes.

We get to see people who have dementia and sadly can’t remember their own family, but they can remember all the words to ‘Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree’ and the memories associated with the songs.


Tara Walker


Are there any interesting stories that you'd like to share?

I once walked through a WWII re-enactment and was suddenly surrounded by firing soldiers – I thought I was going to die! I also met the most interesting man at one event, he was Polish and had been captured by the Nazis, given a choice to effectively fight or die. He chose to fight, but escaped and then fought for the allies. He still had his original Nazi uniform.

If you could encourage your colleagues to try one thing related to your hobby, what would it be?

I would encourage anyone to go to a vintage weekend event. They’re really good fun, there’s something for everyone and it’s just something completely outside of most peoples’ normal lives. 😊

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