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Further to the below announcement, the Atlanta Group and Markerstudy merger has now completed. Read more at Ardonagh.com.

Atlanta Group reaches milestone in latest chapter of our growth story

In what is set to be a transformational deal, Atlanta will be joining forces with Markerstudy to create a major new player that will deliver an enhanced proposition for millions of new and existing customers.

Atlanta and Plain Numbers tackle financial understanding

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23 November 2021

It’s part of Atlanta’s drive to further improve the experience of customers, and follows a previous pilot with social enterprise Plain Numbers. 

The new three-year partnership will see Atlanta staff trained as Plain Numbers Practitioners. They will then lead the organisation as it looks to support customer comprehension in key communications across its flagship Swinton, Autonet and Carole Nash brands. 

The initial research pilot, launched at the Bank of England, saw brands including Atlanta putting forward real-life examples of financial customer communications for testing with 5,000 consumers.  

It was found that Plain Number versions of the same documents – such as explanations of excess or premium finance costs - on average doubled levels of understanding. Across five trials, customers seeing the Plain Numbers versions were nearly twice as likely to be able to answer 4 out of 5 comprehension questions correctly, thereby enabling them to make more informed decisions about their finances. 

An earlier FCA study featured research showing that 50% of adults in the UK have low numeracy, making it the single biggest contributor to potential financial vulnerability.  

Customer focus

Karen Hogg, Chief Customer Officer for Atlanta, says: “We’ve always been committed to not just fair but good outcomes for our customers - and we’re passionate about ensuring our customers understand our journey and documents. From the work with Plain Numbers and the FCA Study, we know people struggle with literacy and numeracy for a number of reasons. The initial work with Plain Numbers was very informative because it showed that quite small changes bring positive differences to customer understanding. 

“By thinking ‘customer first’ we’re continuously improving and evolving our services. At the end of the day, helping people make more informed financial decisions helps everyone and builds trust in the insurance industry.”

Better conversations

At the end of the training, there will be a team of accredited Plain Numbers Practitioners, with a second and third cohort in years 2 and 3. The changes they will make to core communications will be eligible for a Plain Numbers Certification – a badge of approval similar to the Crystal Mark for Plain English. 

Throughout the project, Atlanta will also be working with Plain Numbers and HM Treasury to look at the wider issues and how the insurance sector can improve its service to customers made vulnerable by their numeracy levels, and have better conversations about financial options. 

Mike Ellicock, Founder of Plain Numbers, set it up to enable regulated firms to better support customers who struggle with numbers, added: “It’s great to work with Atlanta as they’re continually thinking about improving the service and experience of their customers. We’ve proved Plain Numbers work for consumers - and we’re delighted to be helping embed that approach at Atlanta.”

Atlanta has partnered with Plain Numbers to simplify how numbers and financial information are presented to its customers.